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CvCISO-1 is the only course required for all CvCISO certification Levels, and is the only course currently offered. Sign up NOW for this cutting edge certification. 
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Thanks for an amazing vCISO class. I'm a 20 year infosec veteran and I still learned a bunch.

Thanks for helping me sharpen my skills & serve the public sector at an even greater capacity. I'm proud of my CvCISO cert - it rivals my CISSP.
Fantastic Learning Opportunity and Growth Experience!

I have tremendously enjoyed this class and the interaction with my fellow classmates. It is a great honor to learn with such knowledgeable and experienced people. 
Robert P.
Evan Francen is one of the best instructors you'll ever have the privilege of working with. 

Professional, honest, clear, concise and on point. And the material is phenomenal. Take this vCISO class. You won't regret it.
April M.
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We need more great vCISOs. Are you in?
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